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by Peter Dunne, produced by Liam Geraghty



by Peter Dunne, produced by Liam Geraghty



A horror anthology podcast from a darker Ireland. These are the chilling tales of people who heard something. Something they really shouldn't have heard.
Listen at your own risk.

You could be next.


  1. Dead Air

  2. The Post Vitam Society’s Christmas Do

  3. Bleed Through

  4. Little Cakes

  5. Grove Network Solutions


Charlie Bonner

David Fennelly

Margaret McAuliffe

Michelle McMahon

Deirdre Monaghan

Cally Murphy Dunne

Donncha O’Dea

Deborah Wiseman


Writer, Director and co-Producer - Peter Dunne

Producer and Sound Designer - Liam Geraghty


Bronze Trophy for Best Drama Podcast - New York Festivals Radio Awards



The Horrors In The Black Church

The Horrors In The Black Church


Enter the gothic Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle, take your final resting place on the pews within and witness three of Irish theatre’s darkest minds coming together to create a terrifying theatrical treat. The Horrors In the Black Church comprises three short horror plays within one show. Spirits of the ancient dead mingle with more modern horrors as demons, ghosts and unknown beasts surround the dark altar in a trio of terrifying stories made to stop your heart.

Directed by Anna Shiels McNamee, and written by Peter Dunne, Lauren Shannon Jones and Stuart Roche, the atmospheric piece is produced by festival favourites, Morb. Expect a night of deliciously dark frights.


John Doran

Donncha O’Dea

Caoimhe O’Malley


Writers -

‘Berith’s Rime’ by Stuart Roche

‘After Hours’ by Lauren Shannon Jones

‘Slaughter Of The Innocents’ by Peter Dunne

Director - Anna Shiels McNamee

Producer - Peter Dunne

Lighting Design - Veronica Foo

Sound Design - Liam Geraghty



Bram by Peter Dunne, Produced by Liam Geraghty


Bram by Peter Dunne, Produced by Liam Geraghty


A Halloween event like no other, BRAM is a haunted audio tour inspired by the classically creepy works of the legendary Bram Stoker.

Immerse yourself in the ghastly words of the master of terror as you wander through the maze of Dublin’s nightmare streets on this petrifying audio adventure.

Beginning in the city centre and ending god knows where, this weird walking tour is not for the faint hearted! So, grab your crucifix, wrap that scarf tight around your tasty neck, put on your headphones and download terror straight into your unwitting ears!

Will you survive the blood-curdling tales or will the Prince of Darkness rise again to claim his latest victim?



Dummy by Peter Dunne


Dummy by Peter Dunne

Growing up as children of a celebrity ventriloquist, family problems regularly become front page fodder. Especially when your parent is a national joke.

Burned by the glare of the spotlight, Teddy is a recluse, his only companion the dummy on his arm. But when his sister Dolly has a meltdown live on children’s television, the family home receives a couple of new house guests. One of them wooden.

Throwing tantrums as well as voices, the whole family take to the stage. But which dummy is in control? From Peter Dunne, writer of This Year’s Girl, Eerie, Inhabitance and BROADENING, comes a dark-hearted comedy about guilt, trauma and ventriloquism sure to set tongues wagging.


Dolly - Niamh McGrath

Teddy - Donncha O' Dea


Writer - Peter Dunne

Director - Sarah Finlay

Producers - John Dennehy, Peter Dunne, Donncha O' Dea

Costume Designer - Caroline Butler

Composer - Sinead Diskin


Donncha O’Dea - Best Performer at Dublin Fringe Festival

Peter Dunne - Spirit Of Wit Award at Dublin Fringe Festival

Dummy by Morb - Georganne Aldrich Heller Award at Dublin Fringe Festival


Dummy is a bundle of energise joy.

Unashamedly playing for laughs, Dummy’s zany, whacky, and sometimes dark, humour is delivered at full throttle right from the get go.

McGrath is delightful as the responsible sister struggling to make sense of it all and overwhelmed with frustration. O’Dea is outstanding as the odd brother whose madness is almost endearing.

Take a bite of “Dummy’s” wild, crazy, whacky, weird energy. You’ll laugh hard doing it, and enjoy some tasty flavours in the process.



Eerie by Peter Dunne


Eerie by Peter Dunne

This is what terror sounds like.

Morb presents a Halloween event like no other, Eerie is a haunted, haunting, audio ghost experience. Immerse yourself in the audio files of an occult investigator, as he chills you with ghastly stories and the horrific history of the city.

Part petrifying audio tour, part terrifying treasure hunt, prepare to tiptoe fearfully through the maze of nightmare streets, desperately searching for clues to unlock a dark mystery. Beginning your journey at Smock Alley Theatre and ending god knows where, this weird walking tour of Dublin city centre is not for the faint hearted. Will you survive these blood-curdling tales collected for your dark delight?


Donncha O'Dea - Bertie / Seamus / Radio Host

Margaret McAuliffe - Julia / Una

Michelle McMahon - Vanessa Strange / Mary Kate

Liam Geraghty - Mark Doyle


Peter Dunne - Writer / Director

Liam Geraghty - Sound Production / Sound Design


Juvenalia podcast

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The Book show - Halloween

Inhabitance_Show_Credit_Tamara Him01.jpg


Inhabitance by Peter Dunne


Inhabitance by Peter Dunne

Society is in freefall. Violence is epidemic. Gangs roam the streets. And Lucy Hill is missing.
Her mother, Priscilla, has done everything to find her. Police have been called. Streets scoured and appeals launched.
But Lucy is fading from memory, fast. 
If the public could only connect with Lucy, understand her, listen to her story, maybe they could help to find her. If only there was a way to make people care. 

Inhabitance - welcome to the future of mass entertainment. 

"It's hard not to be hugely impressed by this complex and engaging play" - PureMzine


Tim – Charlie Bonner

Cass – Amilia Stewart

Priscilla – Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley

Leigh – Michelle McMahon


Writer – Peter Dunne

Director – Ronan Phelan

Stage Manager – Sinead Heavin

Set and Lighting Designer – Zia Holly

Lighting Design Assistant – Dara Hoban

Sound Designer – Denis Clohessy

Sound Design Assistant – Sinead Diskin

Video Designer – Mick Cullinan

Cinematographer – Carmen Kovacs

Costume Designer – Donncha O’Dea

Crew – Sean McCormack

Crew - Will Smith

Produced by Aoife Moroney–Ward & Donncha O’Dea for Glass Doll Productions



Broadening by Peter Dunne


Broadening by Peter Dunne

BROADENING Poster - Project Arts Centre 2013

Broadening is about a social experiment that takes place on a college campus in the 1970s. It is a fractured look at how, during this huge period of change, people are caught up in the rush to be rebels, to be forces of change, to be part of a new world and how this is used against them, turning them into monsters and victims. It looks at the nature of authority, power and how far you can be pushed away from what you think you are.


“Unnerving, disturbing, thought provoking; this is new writing at its best”

Irish Theatre Magazine 5*



Written by Peter Dunne

Directed by Ronan Phelan

Lighting Design by Zia Holly

Sound Design by Denis Clohessy

Costume Design by Donncha O'Dea

Produced by Aoife Moroney-Ward and Donncha O'Dea for Glass Doll Productions


CAST in alphabetical order

ROBERT BANNON as Jonathan/Dog


Margaret McAULIFFE as Chris (2012)


CLARE MONNELLY as Chris (2013)

MATTHEW O'BRIEN as Daniel (2013)

CILLIAN O'GAIRBHÍ as Daniel (2012)

JAMIE O'NEILL as Jameson



Broadening was the first show to sell out at Absolut Fringe Festival 2012, it garnered 5*star reviews and was nominated for best design at the ABSOLUT Fringe Awards 2012. 

BROADENING Poster - Dublin Fringe Festival 2012

BROADENING Poster - Dublin Fringe Festival 2012

BEFORE_COLOUR_-_Will_St_Leger_-_Jacinta_Sheerin,_Georgina_McKevitt[1] (1).jpg

Before Colour

Before Colour by Peter Dunne

Before Colour

Before Colour by Peter Dunne

Before Colour is set in Depression Era Hollywood and concerns the warped Brooks family. Studio-head father, aging starlet mother and their three damaged daughters. It deals with the hunger for power, glamour and money, and takes dark detours into murder, mutilation, sexual deviancy and the damning nature of familial loyalty. It looks at what people would do to not only to get what they want but to hold onto what they have and how the love for another can lead to darkness.


Written and Directed by Peter Dunne

Produced by Eimear Morrissey


Cast in alphabetical order

GEORGINA McKEVITT as Laura/Father/Mother/Doctor

JACINTA SHEERIN as Rachel/Mr. Todd/Woman In Park


Before Colour was first performed as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival at Bewley's Cafe Theatre from 15th to 20th September, 2008. It was the first show to sell out in advance of opening.



Emer o'Kelly

Published 21/09/2008 | 00:00  Sunday Independent

The Fringe is not supposed to be about dreary old text-based work; it's supposed, in the Dublin Fringe's own phrase, to "push the envelope.

So why does it always seem that some of its best and most thought-provoking work seems to fall into the category of text? Could it be that old-fashioned thought and discipline are the best way to performance excellence? Just a thought.

Hollywood noir and the Hollywood Gothic tale have inspired more than one writer in the past, sometimes with alarmingly bad results. But Peter Dunne's Before Colour for Wicked Angels (at Bewley's Cafe Theatre) is anything but bad; in fact, it has genuinely camp humour and some very chilling moments. It concerns a movie mogul and his studio star wife during the Great Depression, the days of the silent movies.

It nods in the direction of Christina Crawford's horribly credible memoir of her monstrous mother Joan; it also nods in passing to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?.

All right, Before Colour does go a bit all over the place in its psychological motivation, and it is the mogul's daughter who seems to have least to complain of (she's the one of three sisters who isn't prostituted by her father for the studio investors or pushed into murder to avoid scandal) who ends up mutilating herself by cutting off her fingers. But if you have a fondness for the outsize and outrageous in your classic movie entertainment, it's great gas.